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What is Woven Label?

The woven label is a type of label made up of an interlaced warp and weft in the machine. It’s mainly produced from polyester, cotton and acrylic materials. Woven labels are more costly than printed labels due to production processes and materials. Woven labels are very durable and long-lasting due to the quality of the material and the fact that the entire label is woven. With its soft texture, it is an elegant choice for your brand's logo, design and message you want to present.

The woven label consists warp and weft, the warp density is standard and the weft density is variable. The warp density increases to 56 in taffeta and 115 in satin within 10 mm. According to the customer weft density and design could varie.

weaving machine
weaving machine

What is Taffeta Woven Label?

Taffeta label is a thin lightweight woven label. Compared to satin, it has a more textured and hard structure. In the weaving loom, the density is 5760 warps per meter.

What is Satin Woven Label?

The satin woven label has a shiny and smooth texture. Satin woven is heavier than taffeta woven label. It has a soft silky feel. It has twice the warp density of taffeta weaving. In the weaving loom, the density is 11520 warps per meter.

woven label
woven label


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