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Woven label is mainly categorized in three different technical types, Taffeta Woven Label, Satin Woven Label and Soft Edge Woven Labels.


These three types are mainly representing the machinery weaving technique, which mainly indicate the labels garment quality. Thanks to our innovative designing team, at Sun Etiket we are able to give numerous effects to woven labels by combining countless weaving techniques, with different type of yarns and finishing. By applying these combinations we are able to provide our customers with the following options on their decision making process. Digicolor, Embossed, Cotton, Acrylic, Lurex, Satin, Tube Labels, Button Envelopes, Heat Adhesive Labels and Patches are some of the woven label options we offer. In addition, we are able to apply Center Fold, End Fold, Loop Fold, Mitre Fold, Manhattan Fold, Straight Cut, Laser Cut folding and cutting techniques. 

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