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Sun Etiket is one of Turkey’s leading label/package designing and production companies providing services to it’s multinational clients around the world. We specialize in creating highly advanced, experiential works in both, labeling and packaging since 1986. As the innovation and execution is our culture at Sun Etiket we dedicate ourselves to our clients and ensure to bring high standard on each production we complete.

With over 150 employees who are expert on their subject, we constantly focus and strive to make each brand unique and even more inspiring. 

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Because we believe that the innovation is an ongoing process and requires constant research, we do not only manufacture but also support our partners with designing their labels and packagings. To do this efficiently, we first focus on brand characteristics and understand the ultimate goal to be reached. Finally define all additional steps  to create the most suitable product reflecting / matching brands personality  which will eventually  have an effect on increasing  brand value and awareness.

Sun Etiket Ultrasonic slitting


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At Sun Etiket it is our primary goal to meet our partners’ expectations and to do that effectively, we pay special attention to communication. With our Customer Service team who are managing the entire process from receiving the inquiry to production and delivery, we ensure that our customers’ journey is as pleasant and stress free as possible.  

Once the request is received, our creative department designs the product within our partner’s guidelines and ensures that the each detail accurately reflects brands identity. 

Regardless of techniques followed,  there are two main goals we try to achieve on each and every single label produced at Sun Etiket. First; the label used must not affect the consumer's comfort and/or health, second; label’s lifetime must last as long as the product is in use. In order to achieve these goals we take all technical, production and finishing steps seriously to deliver the highest quality labels. 

Because we believe in business continuity and fare trade; we constantly strive for improvement by following the latest technologies, respecting environment, actively applying sustainability and recycling rules, finally by protecting our employee's and partner's rights. 

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