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Leather labels are great alternatives to the traditional, commonly used woven clothing labels, primarily selected for its durability and often used on denims, boots, work clothes, jackets and more.  


When it comes to Leather Labeling, real leather is the first option comes to mind. Although the real leather is pre-treated and maybe colored, each label produced with real leather would look unique due to its natural texture. Because of color consistency, cost efficiency, and similar look to real leather, synthetic leather is also an alternative option for many brands when developing their Leather Labels.  As the sustainability is extremely important matter, we also offer Recycled Leather and Paper Jacron options since they both are cost effective compare to real leathers. On the Leather Label making process, Brand Logo or Design can be embossed, debossed or painted onto the Leather Label. We can produce with materials like: Natural leather, Fake leather, Recycled leather and Plastic leather.

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