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Care labels have an important place in the clothing and label industry. Contains important instructions on fabric composition and garment care. Guides the user about the most correct method for cleaning the garment. Helps clothes to be used longer and correctly. Care label contains the following information;

  • Method of cleaning the garment

  • Temperature of the water in which the garment will be washed

  • The garment may or may not be machine washed

  • Whether to use a dryer

  • If the garments can be ironed, at what degree to iron

  • Bleaching allowed or not

Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a digital printing type, consisting of text and graphics that can be changed. Variable data printing label is mainly used for logistic, warehouse management and sales operations. Variable Data Printing Labels, thanks to its technology; It provides the advantages of low cost, high quality printing and fast delivery time. Hundreds or thousands of variable data arrays can be printed.

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